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The ostomy leads against a reality that is perhaps the most fabulous way to find life in all its fullness. I say this with all my experience because when passing through the path of the second chance, I could see all the moments that led me here. We are a part of society that feels differently by changes in habits and limitations, which provides us with an ostomy. But what happens within us, never imagined a force born of survival, a force that transforms our limitations exceedances, reaching limits never sought it, unaware of the need to transform our life to life, life without fears and complexes. Then, due to all this existential discovery of new, start a search by those ostomates who hide in the life before ostomy. Many succumb to lack of knowledge, love and understanding. Many close to the company, though the company's appreciation of the beauty of the body and helps many ostomates to collect embarrassed by changes in their bodies, those huge scars in the abdomen, the hernia, the sac that swells and leaves the abdomen different, but they forget that the ostomate can do everything, everything and a little more, because we are privileged and differentiated. The ostomy is not in the abdomen and heart, abdomen and not in the soul, the feelings of a ostomate are more accurate and sensitive, the ability to love one ostomate is quite different, is deeper and wider, we were given the eighth end, life in all its fullness.Looking for ostomates around the world, want to meet them and hug them, I mean that life in love. I need to show that fear can not overcome the Hope that each day presents the beauty to be admired, and by the sunset at the corner of a bird, by the falling rain, the smile of a child or by the look of passionate lovers. Ostomy present themselves for life, living the life you want.HAPPY HOLIDAYSMario Romero-Dez/2011


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